Our Founder

Jenna Downing is a former World Champion Inline Skater, an X-Games silver medallist and 10 x British Champion. She was the youngest female skater to turn professional at age 12 and is currently the only female skater to have her own signature pro skate.

Now, Jenna works as a national education, physical activity and health and wellbeing consultant, specialising in motivational speaking, tutoring, coaching and mentoring. Jenna delivers thought-provoking, inspirational keynotes, bespoke mentoring programmes, and workshops, to help individuals of all ages to achieve their full potential.

Jenna uses a positive psychology approach in her interventions to inspire positive cognitive, affective and behavioural change.

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  • World Champion Athlete

  • MSc in Psychology

  • 10+ years experience

  • L3 qualified mentor

Jenna Downing

Founder & CEO of Champion Mindset

We believe that anyone can benefit from an athlete’s mindset to achieve success. More than talent, ability or training, it’s a person’s level of resilience that will determine who succeeds and who fails. And that’s true whether you’re battling illness, going for Olympic gold, studying for your exams, or competing in today’s workplace. Athletes know what it takes to be the best and we want to share our learning with you to help you become your own Champion of Success.

“My aim, as a former World Champion Inline skater, is to inspire and motivate you by sharing the lessons I’ve learnt in sport in a bid to help you adopt some positive, healthy habits that will last a lifetime. To become a World Champion I had to overcome a whole range of setbacks and challenges, but I truly believe that from adversity comes opportunity. These tough times enabled me to develop some strategies to develop a positive, resilient mindset, many of which I hope to be sharing with you as part of my Champion Mindset package of support. I hope the sessions will leave you feeling happier and healthier, and enable you to function at your best.

Good Luck!”